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like that? >> no. >> tonight, join the hunt as the fbi searches for one of its ten most wanted fugitives. >> when his face was put on tv his friend called him. >> and he hits the road. >> he's a ghost. >> keep your eyes open, because this guy could be hiding any where. >> i don't think i've ever seen anybody like this. >> chris hanson on the trail. >>> the fbi's ten most wanted list has chronicled america's most infamous. today, it is populated with accused murderers, drug traffickers and child pornographiers. >> most of these have committed more than one crime. so these are very dangerous people. >> the tavgs of finding these tunltives falls to this man, ron haus coe. almost 500 kim flals have made the most wanted list. and for most of them, that was the beginning of the end. >> we've cleared 466 of those. not all of those are by arrest. some of those are already in custody. they've turned up dead. but 94% clearance rate is a tremendously successful program. >> but it's the other 6% that keep him and his agents up at night. >> a fugitive who drops under the horizon can present
the fbi or the customs agent notified of the local members of the joint terrorism task force. that is a serious and aggravating omission. as the commissioner said, nobody bats 1000%. i am currently one of their biggest fans and admirers. here is a case, and they have look back at it. why didn't they involve the local law enforcers that could have stayed on this case and pick up signals from the students that interacted with them, from the people that threw him out because he was such an extremist. or seen the videos that he posted that could have prevented all this from happening. how do you explain it? people are not perfect. information is being shared. they did involved, before the event, the state authorities that could have talked prevent the attack on the marathon. >> in closing, i completely agree with you. so many of these cases, there are very difficult to stop. i applaud the department of homeland security, state, and locals. i am concerned and troubled by the fact that may be in this case, there was not shared -- it was not shared with the state and locals. they ar
hicks in the next hour here. martha: well it took weeks for the fbi agents to inspect the ruins on the scene in benghazi. if you remember that happened on october the 4th. they didn't go in there to start their investigation until 23 days after that attack. why would that be? then on december the 7th, the feds questioned a key suspect for three hours with a tunisia judge present. but a month later, january the 8th, that suspect the only one in this case, was released. then you go forward to january the 17th. fbi director robert mueller arrived in libya to meet with senior libyan officials about all of this. now four months after the attack. it was not until last week, may 1st, 232 days later that the fbi released photos of three men they said were wanted for questioning in the benghazi attack seven months later. they believe that they were on the grounds that night and of course they would like to speak to them. now --. bill: these hearings raised a lot of headlines. if you were looking for a lot of answers they were elusive. now you start to see the pickup not just here but all
. and these women along with a third person were thought by the fbi to be the real brain of the sla. >> i will be frankly, the white women involved in the sla decided to bring him in so they would not be accused of being racist. >> reporter: they quickly shifted gears and offered themselves as servants of people. with a demand that hurst sponsor a food give away if patty were to be set free. that give away quickly turned into a fee fiasco. when it was over, newspaper headlines blared the sla's next demand they wanted more. >> did that get in your way? >> no because it's not going to affect what i'm doing to try to find the sla. >> reporter: the food give away was quickly forgotten as the new demand from the sla came in. >> we realized that the only alternative to freedom is death. and that the only way we can free ourselves of this fascist dictatorship is by fighting not with words but with guns. >> the easiest thing for them to do is to join. i am sure they talked to them about the sla rhetoric. what a fascist her dad was and all of those things they talked about. >> reporter: a few da
and the fbi both already have done some important work to address the cyberthreats facing our nation. in march of 2012 for example charges against the former head of the hactivist groups anonymous and lulzsec and for the members of anonymous lulzsec and another hacking group. earlier this year the justice department secure the conviction of a 25-year-old russian who had operated and controlled the and in april 2011 the fbi and the justice department engaged in a civil lawsuit to bring down the botnet. the justice department and the fbi have developed fbi's national cyberinvestigative joint task force and the justice department's national security cyberspecialist network. i'm glad that the department and the fbi have taken each of these important steps but much more as the departmendepartmen t concedes, needs to be done. i was disappointed to learn for example that the team that took down the botnet was not kept together for the purpose of taking down other the four-star general heading of our military cybercommand has said that our country is on the losing end of the
with the northern ohio violent fugitive task force, led by the cleveland office of the fbi, and on the investigation of gina dejesus and amanda berry. we have with us today special agent in charge steve anthony. he will be talking later. we have also searched -- been searching our records for public safety calls to four services at 22 2207 seymore regarding complaints of the occupants of the house. since last night we have learned the following. building housing does not have any records of permits or violations at that address. our records show that the cleveland fire department and emergency medical service have not been called to that address. at this time our records show that cleveland police have responded twice to that address. once in 2000 and another time in 2004, and will provide some details in regard to that. now as we move forward, we will provide updates as they become available, keeping in mind, as was stated, that this is an open investigation. again, we're thankful that ms. berry, ms. dejesus and ms. knight have been found and that they're alive and that we have offered our support
the day, and late into the night, fbi agents meticulously search removing the front door, searching the crawl space, carting away a red pickup and a jeep. at one point, bringing in a cadaver dog. it's not known what if anything the dog found. the fbi taking the lead in the search. >> this is just the tip of the iceberg. this investigation will take a very long time. >> the three suspects, 52-year-old ariel castro, his brothers pedro and onil behind bars, they'll face more interrogation today. authorities have 48 hours to file charges. and that window closes later tonight. in the neighborhood, residents are still celebrating the jubilance tempered with shock and disbelief. >> unreal. >> i know who lived there and they panned the camera to his house and i turned white. my wife asked me, what's wrong? are you okay? i was dumbfounded. >> away from the cameras, amanda berry, gina dejesus, and michelle knight, the three women trying to piece their shattered lives back together. >> this is a miracle. a very, very large miracle. and we're all excited. >> and in tennessee, amanda berry's gra
. >> before the bombing, were you aware that based on this russian intelligence that the fbi opened an investigation into tamerlan? >> we were not aware of that. >> would you like to note about the? >> yes, sir. >> the for the bombing were you aware that mr. tamerlan traveled to the chechnya region? >> no, we were not. >> again, would you like to know that? >> yes. >> before the bombing were you told that he posted radical jihadists video websites online? >> no, mr. chairman, we were not aware of the two brothers. we were not aware of tamerlan's activities. >> and again would you like to know that that? >> yes, sir. >> we know there was a department of homeland security officer in the joint terrorism task force who was alerted, of mr. tamerlan's overseas trips, trip to russia in the chechnya region. were you aware of that information before the bombing? >> i was not. >> with the officers that you assigned to the joint terrorism task force aware of the? >> they tell me they received no word on that individual player to the bombing. >> after the bombing, after the bombing, were you ma
reynolds is on the scene. bob orr has the f.b.i. investigation. the military admits to thousands of sexual assaults in the ranks. david martin has the story. history on wall street. the dow breaks through 15,000. anthony mason looks at what it means. and when brian preston started a company to recycle wood, he discovered he could recycle people too. >> what do they all say? there ain't no hope. you can build hope. uild captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. pelley. >> pelley: good evening. when the news broke in cleveland, it was as if the entire country came in at the incredible ending of a movie that no one knew was playing. we have spent this day trying to fill in the details of a story that began a decade ago when two teenagers and a 20-year-old woman vanished without a trace. it all ended last night with their dramatic rescue. dean reynolds is in cleveland. >> late today f.b.i. evidence teams removed vehicles as well as bags and box of items from the rundown house where the nightmare ended with this cry for help. >> 911. help me. i'm amanda berry
. the third worm, michelle knight is still in the hospital. the f.b.i. says they are not due to injuries and should be released today. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo will have more at 5:00 including reports of other pregnantties. >> there will be an update on the investigation of a murder of an 8-year-old girl. her family laid her to rest yesterday. she was stabbed to death 12 days ago inside her family home in the small town of valley springs in calaveras county. the sheriff dive team resumed the seven of two ponds. f.b.i. ats could be first indicated several items from the home including a large tv with no word on why. >> the city of oakland is now the robbery capital of america. that is according to our media party, the oakland tribune analyzing f.b.i. statistics and found more than 4,300 robberies, the most since 1993 or an average of 12 robberies a day. oakland's robbery rate was 36 percent higher than cleveland because of cell phones. >> sutter health says hospitals will remain open when nurses are on strike, a one week strike against half a dozen east bay hospitals affiliated w
ability to get the fbi team quickly to benghazi. >> so that definitely impacted getting the fbi to look at the crime scene, did it not? >> absolutely. to thehen you talked libyan government, were they responsive when you asked about access to the fbi? >> it was a long slog of 17 days to get the fbi team to benghazi, working with various ministries to get ultimately agreement to support that visit to get them to benghazi, but we accomplished that mission. but again, at the highest levels of the government, there was never really a positive approval. , aso this false labeling responsive -- a response the factso a video, on the ground affected our ability to get to the crime scene afterwards. how long was it before the fbi was allowed access into benghazi to examine the crime scene? >> 17 days. >> was the crime scene secured during that time? was not. we repeatedly asked the libyan government to secure the crime scene, but they were in a bill to do so -- but they were unable to do so. >> the fbi was sitting in aaa for weeks waiting for the approval of the libyan government to travel to ben
. we've seen this over the past few days. this is one of the fbi vehicles. we have not seen any of the fbi evidence gathering team hop out yet. but over the last few days we've seen they will get out. take out one of the canines and start walking into the house and come out with bags of evidence. that has not happened yet but we expect that to once again happen because investigators say despite the charges, they are continuing this investigation of talking to witnesses and there is a 4:00 news conference as well that you alluded to and we're expecting that news conference being held by the prosecutor to learn new details. i want to bring in tito dejesus. he is someone who knew ariel castro. in fact, you met ariel castro some 20 years ago through your ex-wife, is that correct? >> yes. >> reporter: what was he like? what is he like? >> typical musician who loved music. happy guy, joking around, never notice anything weird or strange about him at all. >> reporter: had he ever said anything weird? nothing. >> no. not at all. >> reporter: and you've been inside the house. >> yes, i h
for the fbi to be involved in counterintelligence civil code were still with them. there are spies out there in the cia do not become completely stymied. it is this interesting moment in which the one hand and was leading a process, which is deeply involved to rethink the way these institutions, not just the fbi, but particularly the fbi did their work and at the same time trying to protect and strengthen it and strengthen the public confidence to go forward. so that's the kind of moment it was. >> when you're attorney general shortly after, you faced a different kind of crisis, but one that obviously should the nation with 9/11. i wonder to what extent it the issues and challenges you face. he drew upon the legacy of edward levi. are conscious of that legacy and not on trying to the problem. >> in many ways the challenges are different. the challenge faced by attorney general levi related to a distortion of the responsibility of the department based on politics. we faced before info, international in scope they killed our people a single day than was killed at pearl harbor and did it
terrorism task force knew nothing about the fbi's investigation of tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011. >> before the bombing, were you aware of the russian intelligence warning regarding tamerlan and the fact that he may travel overseas to meet with extremists? >> we have three detectives and a sergeant assigned to the joint terrorism task force. one of my detectives is actually in the squad that investigated that. we have access to all of the databases. but we were not, in fact, informed of that particular development. >> witnesses testified that it was a repeat performance in 2012. in 2011 the fbi closed its investigation of tamerlan saying that there was no evidence that he was a terrorist. same country radical islam. when he comes back no flags were raised. this was unknown to the locals and the state in massachusetts. then, when the surveillance video was released on april 18th, after the bombing, witnesses were asked how long it took for the fbi to confirm that one of the suspects tamerlan had been under investigation earlier. >> from the time of the attack on monday afternoon, until the s
the street from where i'm standing, where you can see members of the fbi in hazmat suits investigating. here's what we have now. now, three suspects, former school bus driver, ariel castro and his two brothers are arrested, awaiting charges. they're set to be interviewed by investigators tomorrow. some neighbors say they are shocked by what happened. others say they called police after hearing things in the case. the fbi is searching the house for evidence right now. the police chief says it will be a few more days until the investigation inside the house on this block is compete. now, the amount of time that these women were missing it's simply extraordinary. hard to imagine for 9, 10, in 1 case, 11 years, families have been hoping, holding candlelight vigils, searching for these women. now that they've been found, it's amazing to see how close they were since being last season. lorraine avenue, the home they were found is just three miles away. that's how it started with their disappearance. now, we want to take a look at how it come. here's randi kaye. >> reporter: they were strangers for
there. that's how it will stay for now. >> cleveland police took michelle knight off the fbi's missing persons list a little more than a year after she disappeared. why? >> reporter: let's recap that. she went missing in 2002. and then after about 15 months, some time in 2003, she was removed from the fbi database because, according to the cleveland police department, there is a certain protocol that someone who is missing, an adult, that it must be verified with a family member, friend or someone that she remains missing. apparently they were unable to do so and that's why she was removed from the fbi's adult missing database. however, cleveland police maintain, don, that they have kept that case open all these years. in fact, in 2012, our sources tell us, tell my colleague pam brown that, in fact, her missing person status was verified. it's unclear why she wasn't put back into the fbi database at that time. don? >> susan, can you tell me more about ariel castro? he's on what police are calling a suicide prevention. how does that compare to suicide watch? what's the distinction there
be seated who worked in the northern regional technical center and the fbi. this year's event the 1 hundred and second data breakers is expected to draw thirty thousand riders and walkers we're going to sewer pass 1 hundred thousand. since this event is one of our cities larger febts it requires a significant amount of evaluation. the police department has been working with the event organizers on developing a plan that will allow participants and spectators in a safe and secure environment. following the attack on boston those plans have been rise to provided an even higher level of safety and security. from the san francisco police department the following resources will be incriminated high visibility. from our special operations bureau and tactical teams and personnel to be available to respond to any anonymously. we will be on scene for any mitigated devises specially trained k9 units will be exploited. members of our violence teams will provide quick responses and emergency vehicles on scene. in addition our alcohol licensing unit will be looking at businesses along the route a day pr
members of congress today that officials warned the fbi about one of the boston bombing suspects. the information was never passed on to the city. this portion of the homeland security hearing is two hours. >> the committe on homeland security will come to order. the committee is meeting today for the first in a series of hearings examining the boston bombings of april 15, 2013. i now recognize myself for an opening statement. the attacks in boston shook this nation, and brought back memories of that day in september, 2001, that changed our lives forever. i am confident that we will emerge from this tragedy stronger than ever before. anyone who thinks they can execute an attack on this country and change our way of life, greatly underestimates our spirit and our resolve. it is the responsibility of this committee to provide oversight and investigate what happened, what went wrong and what we can do to better protect american lives. the victims and their families deserve no less. we will never forget april 15th. but we must do more than remember, we must hold accountable those who
so they could function because they had to function. it was really important for the fbi to be involved in counterintelligence activities because the cold war was still with us and they really were spies out there. it's important to not completely stay me. i'm the one hand he was leaving a process, which i was deeply involved in and the fbi did their work, but at the same time trying to protect it and strengthen it so they could go forward. >> so when you're attorney general, shortly after, you faced a different kind of crisis, but one that shook the nation with 9/11. i wonder to what extent in addressing the issues and challenges you face, you drew upon the legacy, were conscious of the legacy and model insurance to address the problems you confront. >> in many ways the challenges for different. the challenge faced by attorney general sub two to a distortion of the response ability of the department based on politics. we faced the foreign foe, international in scope that killed more people in a single day than was killed at pearl harbor. to did in the heart of american c
, a hearing on the justice department and fbi's resources in combating cyber security threats. fbi cyber assistant rector joseph damaris testified along with lawyers and industry experts. from the senate judiciary committee, this is one hour and 45 minutes. >> good morning. we will call this hearing to order. i believe that senator graham will be joining us, but in the interest of getting underway on time, we have been cleared to proceed. note today'sto hearing will consider cyber law enforcement, .rivate sector responses an extremely important and timely topic. i would like to add without objection to the record of this proceeding to pages from the department of defense annual report to congress that just came out saying, among other things, china is using its computer network exportation capability to support intelligence collection against the u.s. diplomatic economic and defense industrial base sectors that support u.s. national defense programs. there is a lot more to this issue, but it is an indication of the importance of our concern here. technology continues to expand into every
such crimes and intrusions. i would start this discussion by noting that the justice department and the fbi have done important work to address the cyberthreats facing our nation. in march of 2012, for example, charges were against the former head of the activist group and the four other members and another hacking group. earlier this year the justice department secured the conviction of a 25-year-old russian who has operated and controlled this botnet. in april 2011, the fbi and the justice department engaged in a civil lawsuit to bring down this botnet. the justice department also have developed the fbi's national cyberinvestigative joint task force and the justice department's national security cyberspecialist network. i am glad that the department and the fbi have taken each of these important steps. much more, much more needs to be done. i was disappointed to learn that the team that took down the botnet was not kept together for the purpose of taking down other comparable botnets. the four-star general heading the command has said that our country is on the losing end of the greatest
on a on duxs parents get anxious that is understandable. however, kidnapping is rare by strangers. the fbi investigates 80 child abduction cases per year, almost half victims, 38 are found alive. and statistics show most of the time strangers are not the danger. in 74% abductor is someone close to the child such as a neighbor or a friend of the family. so the fbi says teach your children never to let anyone take them unless parents have said it's okay. >> the name of the fifth person who died in the limo fire saturday night has been released. here is her photo. she could not get out of the burning car in time all that before getting into the limb scene. >> right. the familymtuu is very religiou. alderin remembers when he had to tell his son his mother died. >> just told me it's go being to be mother's day and i zront a mother. it's -- . >> alderin says life without his wife will be hard for him and his children. ages 10, 13. 43-year-old filamina died saturday night when the limo caught on fire. the nine women celebrating a wedding of another friend who was inside of the limo and died. only
. this is where it happened. 2207 seymour street. you go see the f.b.i. is sill processing the houses where the three women and the young child apparently have been for many, many years. neighbors give all sorts of different stories. they describe the man, castro, as an ordinary guy. story we hear from everybody is how surprised they were. they never in their wildest dreams believed that those three women would be held captive in that particular house. >> greta: on the record the investigation of the missing girls now women from almost the beginning. after 14-year-old gina dejesus vanished in 2004 we spoke with her cousin and cleveland police. >> what can you tell me about the investigation so far? >> so far, gina just disappeared into thin air. >> what is your theory to what happened. is this an abduction or runaway? >> all the options open right now. we are hoping it's a runaway but it could be an abduction. we just treating it on both sides of fence here. >> greta: i take it family has contacted all her friends to see whether gima has made a call home? >> absolutely. they did that the fi
why police took her name off the fbi data base way back in 2003. >>> the politics lead. originally the obama administration talking points on the terrorist attack at benghazi reportedly mentioned warning signs and al qaeda. 12 revisions later, poof. vanished. now the white house and the state department have even more explaining to do. >>> and the world lead. trapped for 16 days in the debris of a building collapse that killed 1,000 people. but today an amazing story of survival among the rubble in bangladesh. >>> good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we'll begin with the politics lead. death and taxes. they're supposed to be a certain thing for everyone but some conservative groups had to worry about more than just filing stacks of 990s every april 15th and they claim it comes down to their political views. in a statement the irs admitted today that it made mistakes in dealing with tea party organizations seeking tax-exempt status but denies the political affiliations of the group had anything to do with the delays. the mea culpa comes after some conservatives co
with an attempt to secure evidence. no suspects there and what is going on that the f.b.i.'s evidence recovery team. that is their crime scene unit. they do put protective suits on and they go in there with gloves and they search and photograph very meticulously the contents of that home. well, i can't tell you the exact connection but i can tell you during the course of our investigation, information that was obtained led us to that address. >> good evening, i'm ainsley earhardt and i work for fox news channel. a lot of our viewers, did these girls over the course of that ten-year period, 11 year period every try to escape? were there drugs involved. was ariel castro drugging these girls? what allowed them and what window of opportunity allowed them to escape this time? >> number one we're not positive of any type of drugs. that is yet to be determined. number two, the only opportunity after interviewing the young ladies to escape was the other day when amanda escaped. they were in that home -- i don't believe -- they don't believe they have been outside of the home for the last ten years res
of the fbi, military, and intelligence. the most important thing about his testimony was he was excluded from meetings, never consulted when his tactical operation and strategic operation what refused admittance on the ground. he was never told why. he was only told that the seventh floor, the white house ask national security council decided not deploy this team which has been deployed at every embassy bombing since then 1990s. >> some democrats are saying there was nothing new. just for a second, want you to listen to eleanor holme norton on that subject. >> a full week's buildup for a while i thought they would have trailers before we not there, and then what is the big deal here? i dare anybody who covered the hearing to tell me what new we heard. >> well, spell it out for me. what is new? why is it a big deal? >> well, i'm afraid that miss norton must have been a sleep. and that happens frequently on the democratic side, she may not have realized, this is the first time that people who were actually on the group and work that night testified, with the exception of are in nordstrom, who t
now to help break down the investigation, retired fbi special agent, christopher voss. a terrorist expert. the timing is very weird because three weeks go by and now suddenly there is a criminal investigation simultaneous with the arrest of the paramedic. what do you make of this? >> well, first of all, as an investigator, the first thing is there's no such thing as a coincidence. you don't believe in coincidences until you have ruled everything else out. so, the coincidencal nature of this does appear like it doesn't make sense. now, the question is, how do they find out that mr. reed is in possession of a pipe bomb and why were they looking in the first place? they would have had enough time to look at the scene of the blast to try to isolate the origin of the explosion. when they isolate the origin, they're going to begin to look for what is it that sparked it. what was the initiating device if there was one that started this off. so probably found something which caused them to begin to look around to see where the initiator came from. >> the ammonium nitrate caused the enormou
investigations and was 110 from lorraine plaza. i was told by my employer that the fbi wanted to talk with me and that they needed the patrol car to check it out for any type of evidence. >> did that happen? did you talk to them? >> yes, i did. i went with them downtown to their field office and i was interviewed with them, yes. >> and were they asking you about the disappearance of gina? >> that is correct. they asked me if i knew gina and she ever asked me into the house was she in my vehicle did i ever spend any time with gina. >> why were you interviewed? who put your name in this? >> my thought is that mr. ariel it's troe had informed them. i was living with the girls they were friends and they must have been around me and they possibly had something to do with it at this point. >> ariel castro who gets caught with gina and the other two he's the one who sent the fbi out to talk to you? >> that is correct. did you ever tell the fbi they should investigate ariel? >> i told them to look into ariel castro. >> did they do it? >> no, they did not. >> did you ever suspect ariel castro's involv
with the northern ohio violent fugitive task force led by the cleveland office of the fbi and on the investigation of gina dejesus and amanda berry. we have with us special agent in charge steve anthony. he will be talking later. we have also searched our records for public safety calls to services at 2207 seymour as well as complaints regarding the house or the occupants of the house. since last night we have learned the following. the housing does not have any records of permits or violations at that address. our records show that the fire department and emergency medical service have not been called to that address. at this time our records show that cleveland police have responded twice to that address. once in 2000 and another time in 2004. the director will provide details in regards to that. as we move forward, we will provide updates as they become available keeping in mind, as was stated, that this is an open investigati investigation. again, we're thankful that ms. berry, ms. dejesus, and ms. knight have been found and they are alive and that we have offered our support to the families a
, the basement, 760 square feet. and tonight, new insight on what it was like to live inside that house. the fbi telling us, those women formed a bond. you've been in the room, the hospital rooms with these young women. >> yes. >> reporter: you've seen the bond yourself? >> yes. i saw it last night. it was apparent these ladies have been through a lot. and they were there for one another. you could see the way they looked over at each other and were concerned of where the other one was. >> reporter: they were asking about each other. >> yeah. yeah, they were. >> reporter: in fact, that relationship, so strong, the fbi telling me that each of the women were asking to check in on the others in their respective rooms. and in fact, it was gina dejesus, not the mom of that little girl, who pulled out the artwork first to show the fbi, to show all the officers who gathered there, diane. proud of that little girl, too. they had created a family while trapped inside that home for so many years. >> so much courage amid so much fear. thank you so much, david muir. >>> and i want to show you again the map
and then a child. >> bob: what is it -- f.b.i., kidnapping is a federal offense. you get the investigation they were involved with the investigation for the last ten years. >> kimberly: potentially they have information of someone being transported over state lines and whether or not other people were abducted or missing. so the f.b.i. is going to come in and they have invaluable resources to do analysis and put a good significant amount of manpower and attention to details especially in a case like this. >> greg: when the f.b.i. said we never gave up hope. that didn't help. if it wasn't for a guy that came by for ten years and came by and saw the neighbor saw what was going on. the f.b.i. wasn't there. the thing is, people talk and bring up this stockholm syndrome they hammer away at captures is because they grow to like them or become brainwashed. that a torture chamber or whatever is going on for ten years, under their noses not too far from where the people disappeared, i just think it is weird. >> dana: what is remarkable, amanda berry didn't give up hope. her spirit was alive and str
. live at 3:00 p.m. eastern, also on c-span. next, a discussion about homegrown terrorism with former f.b.i. and c.i.a. deputy director philip mudd. from this morning's "washington journal" this is 35 minutes. host: we welcome philip mudd, joining us from memphis, tennessee, and the book is titled "take down: inside the hunt for al qaeda." a veteran of the f.b.i. and the c.i.a., mr. mudd, thank you very much for being with us. guest: thanks. welcome from memphis. host: "what changed at the f.b.i., larger and larger mountains of data, not just what we could quickly accumulate on an individual case, but what we funneled through the system that might match a bit of data collected years ago. we suffered, you write, from data overload, the good and the bad. can you explain? guest: when you're looking at a case, one of the questions official initially is who's the person who might be the suspect? you're getting data on that individual, phone records, emails. that in itself after about a 24-hour period is going to give you so much data you have to have a chart to map it out. but the second stem is
says that offended libya and made it hearter for the fbi to investigate. greg hicks testimony is that it is his opinion. >> weeks later in new york the president of libya was still upset about being essentially called out as either miss misinformed or lying on national tv in the u.s. suffice to say, it had an effect on diplomatic relations. >> the top democrat argues they were iced out of the investigation, calling it a "partisan report with reckless and false accusations." how do you answer the charge that what you're doing is partisan? >> well, i think that changing the talking points from the truth to an untruth is certainly partisan and likely for political reasons. but i think the better question is why are the democrats not just as upset that we didn't do all we could do to save american liv lives. >> i know the republicans are promising more surprises. this is going to be a blockbuster hearing. what are you expecting? >> well, expecting republicans to use these witnesses that they found, the one we talked about in this piece, hicks and a few others, who are state depart
of horrors. the fbi began searching the home and the property of 52-year-old ariel castro today as investigators tried to determine how three women were allegedly held captive there for almost a decade. each of them living there unnoticed to neighbors, just miles from where they disappeared. we're going to take a closer look at this neighborhood later in the show and give you a real sense of what it's like there. michelle knight went missing in august of 2002. at the time she was 20 or 21 years old. amanda berry disappeared then in april 2003 when she was 16. and gina dejesus vanished in april 2004 at the age of 14. all three reuniting with families tonight after their dramatic rescue unfolded yesterday. coming up, we're going to talk to one of those family members, who saw her niece for the first time in nine years. meanwhile, investigators are focusing on the owner of the home where the women were found. >> at this point i can confirm that we have no indications, any of the neighbors, bystanders, witnesses, or anyone else has ever called regarding any information regarding act
three young women? al lester holt speaks for the first time with the fbi special agent who finally got to meet the young women she devoted so many years to searching for. >> i tried to just tell them, you know, i'm just so happy to see you. i'm sure they were looking at me like who are you? >>> also tonight walking the boards on the jersey shore with the governor of new jersey. >> you're not the step child. >> look over there. have you seen it? it's the same way it was six months ago. >> except the problem is everyone has to decide what they're going to do with their own homes. >> tonight chris christie takes on recovery from sandy, his own weight loss surgery, and a local boardwalk special. did you want some body piercing while we're here? >> i usually do my body piercing in the summer when my skin's warmer. it makes it go easier. >>> and jimmy connors. when he came along, we'd never seen anything like him. tonight he reveals to harry smith the private demons that almost took him down and his mother's ferocious drive to build him up no matter what. >> she hunched her shoulders and did
could exonerate him from which the crimes he was convicted. the fbi says there were analysis errors in handling the evidence in his case. in washington, d.c. today, a big decision involving the clandestined service of the cia. that's the part of the cia you're thinking of when you think about what it might be like to be a spy. that's the part that handles espionage and covert action. one of the leading candidates to run the clandestin service is one of who ran the prisons in thailand where the cia tortured people. she was also reportedly involved in the decision to erase videotapes of those torture sessions. well, today the cia announced that officer did not get the job of running the clandestine service. somebody else will be in charge of our nation's spies, can't say who. we know it's not her. also, chris christie got secret surgery a to lose weight a couple of months ago. good for you, sir, good luck to you. >>> but if you are a person who closely follows crime stories in the news, stories of criminal mayhem and crime, i have to tell you, this has also been a particularly rich ne
explosive residue was reportedly found in at least three areas of their apartment. fbi spokeswoman confirming the search warrant as investigators, some wearing white suits as you see here interred the apartment. it is not immediately clear whether any items were taken as part of the marathon bombing investigation. two sources familiar with the case tell fox news catherine russell, the widow, communicated with her husband tamerlan after the bombing. one source said it included with one phone call with the second source describing an e-mail possibly containing attachment which included a surveillance photo released by the fbi the lawyer for katherine russell did not respond to e-mails from fox news requesting comment. chairman of the house homeland security committee sighs russell has a lot of questions to answer. >> hard for most people, most investigators to believe she could be living in a premises where bops are being put together, where there is explosive residue and for to know nothing about it. there is strong feeling there has to be some level of involvement on her part. >> r
where i'm standing, where you can see members of the fbi in haz/mat suits still investigating. here's the latest information that we have. amanda berry, gina dejesus, michele knight and a child believed to be amanda berry's were found alive here last night after berry screamed for help through a crack in the front door and got the attention of neighbors, who helped her escape. now, three suspects, former school bus driver ariel castro and his two brothers were arrested, they are in jail awaiting charges. they're set to be interviewed by investigators tomorrow. some neighbors say they are shocked by what happens. others say they called police in recent years after hearing yelling at the house and in one case, seeing a naked woman in the backyard. the fbi is searching the house as i said for evidence right now. the police chief says it will probably be a few more days until the investigation inside the house here on this block is complete. the amount of time these women were missing is simply extraordinary. hard to imagine, for nine, ten and in one case, 11 years. three families have
. of course, it was three or 4:00 yesterday around before we started seeing the fbi investigators show up to gather more evidence. so far, nothing today. we know at 4:00 there will be a press conference, a news conference, the prosecutors will hold. at that point we may hear a little bit more information about some of the charges. also a little more information about the case as well. one tidbit that was revealed to us a few hours ago, based on the 200 pieces of information taken from the home, luke, a suicide note, written by castro, in 2004. in that suicide note that castro wrote, according to investigators, he claimed that he was abused as a child. so, again, as they combed through that evidence, we expect to hear even more information about some of the things that they found doing an initial search of the home. >> thanks so much. stay with us. i want to bring you back in a little bit. now to you, eugene, something that strikes me about this is the psychology of the women who ended up being tormented, being raped, being abused. at what point do they lose their will to try and achieve f
to give this individual a second look? >> absolutely. >> there's more to this story of course. the fbi, which wasn't represented at the hearing today, says it checked out the russian warning, didn't find anything derogatory about tsarnaev and then asked russia for more information. when russia didn't give them anything else, they dropped itd. the other thing to say about this the fbi has a list of procedures it has to go through in dealing with one of these initial investigations. so legally there's a question whether they had the legal right to do anything more than they did. some time down the road perhaps, wolf, we will hear more about that. the hearing's over by the way. >> couldn't they have at least consulted with local law enforcement about this guy? i can understand that they can't necessarily put him on any list if they came up empty handed, but before they came to that conclusion, why didn't the fbi at least ask the police in boston you know anything about this guy? should we be checking him out? anything like that? >> that's an absolutely reasonable question. and all we know
conversation of our colleagues and those on defense and security as well as myself cheering the fbi subcommittee because we want to protect critical infrastructure. that's number one. number two, we really want to make sure that our financial services in the private sector or well protected and we have the right legislation to do that and second is to make sure that we protect thus the 12th with an incredible amount of information about america's people, american citizens and american businesses both small and large and in particularly worried about the small guys because they don't have the wherewithal to act with bank of america and these others. >> i think you just put your finger on a very important problem. i put a lot of my own time into cybersecurity issues since i've been in the treasury and before because i think it is on that very short list of dangerous things that could happen on our watch or right after. it is emerging as a banker in the bigger risk and every time i am in my office or in the country talking to b
's stunning escape on monday. they're not revealing yet what they have found inside the home. today, fbi agents will question kidnapping suspects pedro, onil and ariel castro for the very first time. the brothers could also be criminally charged today. and amanda berry, whose chilling 911 call brought an end to this decades-long ordeal, is finally getting the chance to reconnect by phone with her grandmother and other family members in tennessee. listen to this. >> hello? >> amanda. >> yeah, grandma. >> how are you? i'm glad to have you back. i thought you were gone. >> nope, i'm here. >> i'm here for you. >> thank you so much. >> the little girl is your baby? >> yeah, she's my daughter. born on christmas. >> i thought about you all this time. i never forgot you. >> and for the very latest on the investigation and what we're learning about the suspect let's go right to martin savidge. he's live from the county justice center where the castro brothers are being held, and we understand they're going to be questioned today. you are a native from here. what are you hearing? >> good morning,
a conversation with the fbi, they say that federal and local authorities began questioning the men last night. it continues again today. in these interrogations, have you a local officer, the fbi and the suspects brought in one at a time. that's how it's going so far. but the other focus on the home where this all happened. investigators scour the home on seymour avenue, searching for evidence in this house of horrors. throughout the day and late into the night, fbi agents meticulously search. removing the front door, searching the crawl space, carting away a red pickup and a jeep. at one point, bringing in a cadaver dog, not know what, if anything, the dog found. the fbi taking the lead in the search. >> this is just the tip of the iceberg. this investigation will take a long time. >> reporter: the three suspects, 52-year-old ariel cast rock his brothers pedro and onil, behind bars will, face more interrogation today. authorities have 48 hours to file charges and that window closes later tonight. in the neighborhood, residents are still celebrating, jub lance tempered with shock and disbelie
there had to be assistance and that's why the fbi i think is going after this so vigorously and effectively. bill: congressman peter king from sunday, a top republican on the house homeland security committee saying two suspects in the boston bombings had help and did not act alone. what about that? tom ridge, former homeland security secretary and former pennsylvania governor. with me this morning. >> food morning bill. bill: welcome back to "america's newsroom." what do you think of peter king lays out there? >> bill, i happen to share his point of view for several reasons. one, peter is on the intelligence committee so i suspect he may have have a little more information than is available to either one of us but there are some other factual circumstances that could lead one to the same conclusion. remember they discovered a cachet of weapons several hundred rounds of ammunition, almost a mini bomb factory there shortly after the bombing. one could also recall that, they referred to the "inspire" magazine as, giving directions with regard to construction of these bombs but it did not have
on seymour avenue. fbi agents are out front of the house, setting up a tent and they are searching for many answers in these cases. number one, how did these women get taken into -- get taken in and really how did this go undetected for so long. missing for years. they are back with their families. >> those girls, those women are so strong. it's -- what we do out here, what we've done in ten years, it's nothing compared to what those women have done together to survive. >> reporter: amanda berry, michele knight and agina dejesus. >> she said help me get out! >> reporter: police moved in after a 911 call. >> i've been kidnapped. i've been minuting for ten years -- i've been missing for ten years. i'm here. i'm free. >> reporter: the women were examined at a local hot and released. police believe they brought amanda berry, the 6-year-old there, is her daughter. police arrested arearial castro -- arariel castro and -- ariel  castro and two brothers. one neighborhood say she noticed a little girl looking out the attic window. just strange to see that and i said he has a daughter. people said n
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